Our German Shorthairs

Our family of shorthairs consists of seven dogs: Holly, Asher, Kaycee, Luca, Huck, Jerzie and Presley.


. Phillips' Hot Barrels Holly, JH .
Holly is a Granddaughter of our own Master Hunter, Phillips' Tip Toe'N Tucker, MH and one of our foundation dogs, Molly Prarie Flyer Phillips, JH. She to has all the great traits of being a excellent field and family dog. She has had all her training and Hunt Test handling done by my 10 year old daughter Sabryn. Sabryn has put her JH title on her and is continuing her training for the SH level. Holly's Dam comes from imported German lines mainly from Hega Haus Kennel in Germany. She Has Countless KS titled dogs in the bottom side of her pedigree. Holly is a very loving dog that is a natural retriever and works for the gun.

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. Phillips' Top Gun Fancy Asher, SH .
Asher is a outstanding do all gun dog. He has been great in the house since the day we got him. He is showing all the Master Hunter traits in his one in a million pedigree. Sired by Top Gun TJ MD Griffey MH and Grand sired by 2008 Hunt Test Sire of the year Jaegerhoff's Sir Henry Higgins MH. His pedigree includes all of the greats from the Hillhavens Hustler lines and International Champion VC Shooting Star's Sharp Shooter MH , UT prize I lines. Asher's Dam, Premier's TJP Hannah SH is a direct daughter of 12X NSTRA Champ, 2009, 2010 NSTRA Dog Of The Year, AKC Master Hunter Premier's Fancy Trail Blazer MH. The bottom side of his pedigree also includes all the greats such as NFC Rawhides Clown, Premiers Impressive MIndy SH, 21X NSTRA CH Fancy White Trash, 1X Nat. Ch. 7X NSTRA Ch. Haily Von Firethorn, 2X NSTRA Ch. General Norman, and 4X NSTRA Ch. Double K's Mistress among many others. Asher is currently being Trained to enter Hunt Tests at the Senior Hunter Level. At just 4 months of age Asher was hunting , pointing and retrieving shot birds.

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. Phillips' Hustl'n Dixie Gun Kaycee, JH .

Kaycee is a happy and enthusiastic hunter. She has a great pedigree loaded with Master hunters, dual champions, and NAVHDA Utility prize dogs. She is primarily of the Hillhaven Hustler line. She is a very affectionate, in-house dog. She earned her JH title and we are furthering her to Master Hunter level.

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. Phillips' Luca In Disguise, JH.

Luca is a pup out of our Lucy, and Pointing home Chico V Spitfire MH. She is a petite GSP with a lot of fire. She loves being out in the field, yet loes attention in the house. We are excited to do many things with Luca.

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. Phillips' TipToe'N Huck, JH.

Huck is a descendant of our Master Hunter, Tuckes. He is a hard driving hunter, but enjoys cuddling in the house with a mellow personality. Huck also descends from 14 time NSTRA Premiers Fancy Trail Blazer MH line. I trained and put a Master Hunter on his mother, Hannah as well as his father. I look forward to making him a master hunter like his parents.

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. Phillips' Point'N Presley.

Presley is our newest addition of who we kept from the breeding of our dogs Holly and Asher. She is a perfect combination of our original Phillips' lines mixed with German import, Hillhaven Hustler and Premiers Fancy Trail Blazer. She has a great nose and loves to point birds.


. Jerzie.

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Our Shorthairs have always been a part of our family! Below we recognize those who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge!

. In Loving Memory of Rocky Sunday Gun .
Rocky was my very first German Shorthair.  He taught me a lot about hunting, dogs, and life in general.
Rocky passed away in February 2009. He will forever hold a special place in our hearts.


. In Loving Memory of Phillips' TipToe'n Tucker, MH .
Tucker is an all around, do it all dog. Whether it be water fowl or upland birds, he does it all with style and willingness to please.  He has earned his Master Hunter title like his father Yogi Bear Wikins, MH.  Tucker's mother is primarily German import and has hunt test title dogs upclose SH and JH.  Tucker's dad, Yogi, goes back to FC Rawhide's Hulk, FC Jigs White Smoke, FC AFC Erbes White and FC Craigs Moontige.  Tucker is my true pride and joy gundog.


. In Loving Memory of Molly Prairie Flyer Phillips, JH .
Molly is the first dog I started running in hunt tests and competitions with.  She earned her Junior Hunter right away.  She has a solid background of FC Dixieland Luke, FC Dixieland Rusty, four generations back of Jigs White Smoke, and many other field champions, bench champions and duel champions.


. In Loving Memory of Rustybars Clown Magnolia, JH "Jennie" .
Jennie is a great hunter. She is steady to the flush, retrieves to hand and honors other dogs points naturally. Jennie's father is a Field Champion and her Grandfather is National Field Champ Rawhides Clown. She also has many other field champs in her pedigree, such as FC Jigs White Smoke, FC Rawhides Josie Wells, FC Dixieland Rusty, NFC Uodibar's Koonas, NFC FC AFC Tip Top Savage Sam Hall of Fame, and DC AFC Shillrest's Impressive CDX MH.  Jennie, like all our dogs hunts wild birds and is used to guide hunts. Jennie has earned her JH title and is the the one of the main guide dogs for us. She is in the house full time and is great with all 4 of our children.


. In Loving Memory of Phillips' Trespassing Tess .
Tess has an outstanding nose and honors from tremendous distance. She is my main hunting/guiding dog and is a true work horse of a hunter.  She has varioius field champions and hunt test titled dogs in her bloodlines such as, Hawkeyes Oo Buck MH, NAFC FC AFC P J Wildfire, FC Louis Von Haindolz, FC Craigs Moontige and Sir Bounding Buster SH. 


. In Loving Memory of Phillips' Lucy in Disguise, SH .
Lucy is a pup that we kept out of Molly and Tucker.  She is a natural pointer, honorer, and retreiver.  She earned her Senior Hunter title at the age of 2, and will be running for her Master Hunter title in the fall of 2011.  She is very laid back but covers good ground and knows exactly what to do in the field.