Puppies and Trained Dogs For Sale


Phillips Gun Dogs typically has two litters of puppies each year. We only raise about two litters a year because of the time and dedication that each litter requires before they are ready for their new home.  We breed only dogs that fit the shorthair breed standard and are highly discrimitive of our dogs before breeding.  We will not breed a dog that does not naturally point, honor, retrieve and love the water.  Testing our dogs in AKC hunt test proves their genetics, their trainability and natural abilities in the field. We have a number of contacts with shorthairs from our bloodlines who may also be having litters throughout the year. Occasionally we have started or trained dogs for sale of various ages.  If you are interested in a German Shorthair puppy, please contact us for availability of to be placed on a waiting list. 


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Here are a few videos of our puppies in action.